Playing with my new Canon EOS-M and Flash Master/Slave


Now with the EOS-M I can grab the small 22mm EF-M lens plus whichever lens I think I might need (like the 17-85mm if I’m just going to be walking about, or the 135mm if I want to do some interesting portrait shots or the 50mm if I want to do indoor low light portrait shots or the 10-22mm if I am going to be taking landscape/scenic shots or the telephoto if I need that long zoom (300mm I think, but I rarely use it)).

I bought the EOS-M with EF-M 22mm lens and the EF Mount adapter for mounting EF-S lenses to the EOS-M.  I then bought the EX90 Speedlite separately because unfortunately the EOS-M doesn’t have a built in flash and the large Speedlite I do have just would look silly for day to day photography.  What I do get from the EX90 Speedlite is the ability to have the larger Speedlite as a slave to the EX90, which is where this gallery comes in.  The EOS-M was mounted to a tripod ad I basically went through most of my lenses playing around with different slave flash positions.  I haven’t managed to find the box the Speedlite came in, so the little stand included that I left in the box wasn’t much use, so these were all taken with me holding the flash.  Some of them will have a diffuser box covering the flash, others with the built in diffuser and build in reflector.  Next time I’ll take better notes as to positioning and which specific diffuser or reflector was used.