Hong Kong March 2012

I love Hong Kong, we hadn’t been to Hong Kong since 2007 so we were looking forward to seeing if anything had changed.  We stayed in a boutique hotel called Butterfly on Prat, a strange name until you realise it’s on Prat Street.  For the price the room was quite spacious, not 5 star spacious but you could walk around the bed, which we’ve not always been able to do in hotel rooms in Hong Kong.

I picked up a new camera in Hong Kong on the first day.  A Canon PowerShot S100, I’ve fallen in love with it, it appears to be as flexible as a DSLR, with some pretty cool features.  There will be a post dedicated to a mini review of the camera at some point.

Photos here are of the light show on Hong Kong harbour each night, plus something new for us 1881 Heritage where the police HQ used to be.