Melbourne Show September 2010

We took a trip to the Melbourne Showgrounds to check out the Royal Melbourne Show for the first time in a few years.  Since I was last there it has undertaken a complete renovation and the new buildings look great.  We arrived at the start and were able to watch some of the judging for “Horses in Action – Light Harness” and “Horses in Action – Tradesman & Delivery”

I forgot to bring my DSLR or compact P&S so had to use my iPhone for photos and decided to use what is becoming my favourite app, Hipstamatic.  It emulates an old camera with interchangeable lenses, different film effects (border).  This is using the JohnS lens which I quite like the darker patches around the edges with a clear bright colourful centre image.  The film in this instance is Kodot Verichrome, again I quite like the kind of frayed edges.

Melbourne Zoo March 2008

My aunt was visiting so we did the obligatory zoo outing.  It was over 40C, but her schedule meant this was the best day to go.  So many different things to photograph.  Unfortunately as we were heading towards the new Elephant enclosure the Zoo was evacuated due to an incident that we later discovered was caused by a young lion cub that they couldn’t find.  We were saddened to hear that it was eventually found dead in the lion enclosure pool.


I decided to finally download Hipstamatic for the iPhone today, see what it looks like, how the photos come out.  I’ve been enjoying seeing similar effects from an Android app that Neil Gaiman has been using.  This is my favourite test photo after downloading it.  It was taken with the following application settings:

Lens: John S
Film: Ina’s 1969
Flash: Off
Hipstamatic Robot

Yosemite November 2005

These are my favourite pictures taken while in Yosemite.  We stayed at the Apple Tree Inn, a stunning “hotel” between Oakhurst and the Yosemite park entrance.  I say “hotel” because the rooms were like small cabins, double story mostly, amongst woodland.  The smell was fantastic, and Yosemite was excellent.  We didn’t spend a huge amount of time in the park, maybe 2 days overall.  We took a ride on the Sugar Pine railway, we visited various lookouts and took a drive around the valley.